About Bizjetpilot.com
Bizjetpilot.com was designed to take advantage of the internet to permit pilots (and flight attendants) to post their availability for part or full time employment. If you are not currently seeking employment you are still encouraged to register now, and complete the aircraft qualification section. By doing so, you will be guaranteed access to the services of the website, at any time in the future, at no cost, should you ever desire to seek employment.

Who may use the website?
The program is primarily designed for the use of ATP rated pilots, experienced in one or more corporate jets and pilots of airline transport equipment, used as corporate jets. Additionally, there is a separate database for ATP pilots, not yet experienced in corporate jets, that can be searched by operators willing to provide training to new-hires; these pilots will by-pass the aircraft qualification section.

Is there a charge for using the Bizjetpilot website?
There is NO charge whatsoever to Pilots (or Flight Attendants) utilizing the website. That means no annual charge, no monthly charge, no charge related to employment…. No charge. Additionally, crewmembers registering during the initial period are guaranteed that there never will be a charge to them. Your registration number will be recorded to assure you of that guarantee.

How are corporate pilots categorized on the website?
When you register you will note that there are four categories from which you may select: 1) Contract Pilot: Check this box if you can maintain an up-to-date schedule of availability (you may also check full time). 2) Full Time Pilot: Check this box if you are seeking full time employment (you may also offer contract services). 3) Occasional Contract: Check this box if you do not mind being called occasionally to fly aircraft that you are qualified in, but do not intend to maintain a schedule of availability (low priority search). 4) Not Seeking Employment: Check this box to have the benefits of registering. Complete the aircraft qualification page but do not complete a schedule. Your information will not be subject to search and you will not be contacted.

What personal information must I provide?
You must complete a profile with required information. An E-mail address is mandatory (you can get one on the website) and you must provide a contact number (cellphone, pager etc). Only your name, city of residence and designated contact numbers will be provided to operators searching for a pilot with your qualifications. Additionally, you may be contacted by e-mail, through the website, but your e-mail address will not be provided to operators (you may do so yourself, if you wish). If you wish your identity to be confidential, you may check the CONFIDENTIAL box on the profile page; This is not recommended for most pilots actively seeking employment as only a reference number and your city of residence will be provided to operators and the only contact available will be by "blind e-mail".

What qualification or other information must I provide?
You must be prepared to provide your total time, PIC time and turbine time. Additionally, for each corporate jet that you have flown, you must be prepared to provide your PIC and SIC time. You will also be asked about your flight and training currency. If you are seeking contract flying, you will be asked to complete a schedule of availability. You will be asked to identify the airports within driving distance of your home. You will have a login and password that will enable you to update your information.

How do I update my data if I am traveling and do not have internet access?
You may call in your changes by phone, fax them, or e-mail them, but direct access via the internet will guarantee immediate updating.

Who will be able to search the database?
Generally, the website will only be available to certified owners or aviation managers of corporate jets. Operator information is subject to verification before access to the site is granted. The Bizjetpilot.com search engine will match your qualifications, location and availability with the operator's requirements so that neither the pilot's nor the operator's time is wasted with pointless inquiries.

What computer equipment is required?
For the pilot inputs, almost any computer will do. In general, the site is optimized for browsing with Netscape 4.0, and IE 4.0 or higher (Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.0 is better). Use of earlier browsers may result in the inability to perform certain functions. Updated browsers can be installed from NETSCAPE or MICROSOFT. Links are provided here.

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