About Bizjetpilot.com
Bizjetpilot.com utilizes the internet to provide the most complete, up-to-date data available. It enables corporate aircraft operators to locate qualified pilots and flight attendants for either full or part time employment. The system permits the direct input of qualifications and scheduled availability by pilots and flight attendants so that aircraft operators can search for personnel, according to their needs, from the privacy of their own offices. Alternatively, our staff can perform the database search for you, utilizing advanced administrative searches, and provide pilot lists or resumes for qualified crewmembers that meet the requirements that you specify. There are currently almost 6,000 qualified pilots and flight attendants in our database.

What type of personnel can be located through Bizjetpilot.com
Registration is open to four categories of pilots, qualified in any corporate jet aircraft or airline equipment operated as a corporate jet. The four categories are:
1) Contract: pilots available and seeking contract flying who are requested to, and may, maintain updated availability schedules on the website.
2) Occasional: Qualified pilots who are not actively seeking contract flying but may be available, on request.
3) Full-time: Pilots available and seeking full time positions (may also be available as contract pilots).
4) Inexperienced: Pilots, generally holding ATP's, who are not yet experienced in any of the jets listed (of interest to operators willing to train a new-hire pilot who meets flight time requirements).
Flight Attendants Flight Attendants seeking full time or contract positions.
In addition, there are special search groups for high time airline pilots (retired or nearing retirement) and helicopter pilots seeking corporate positions.

What is the charge to Operators for use of the website?
Bizjetpilot.com was conceived as a service to the industry and pricing is designed on a cost-recovery basis. At this time, qualified corporate operators may access the site on a trial basis at no charge but information provided will be limited. Full access, if you wish to make your own searches, is only $100 per year for up to three aircraft that you own or operate ($300 for charter/management companies). This fee permits unlimited access to search the databases for available full time or contract pilots or flight attendants. Please click here to see a (current tabulation) of registered pilots. There are no hiring charges. The access fee will be billed to your credit card, after your application is approved. If you have registered for the trial service, you will not be billed but you may purchase pilot information or resumes on an as-needed basis (prices will be quoted on application). Trial searches will provide limited pilot data and will provide information for one aircraft type only.

What criteria can be used when searching for crewmembers?
The pilot database can be searched according to Total Time, PIC time, and Turbine time as well as PIC or SIC time, training, qualification and currency in any corporate jet. A pool of high time airline pilots, interested in corporate positions, is also available. Flight Attendants can be searched by specific aircraft experience, training and location. All crewmembers can be searched geographically, three ways: 1) within 2 hours drive of your airport base 2) living in a given state or surrounding states 3) anywhere. You can start with a wide area (anywhere) search and narrow it down if the list is too large. Additionally, crewmembers availability schedule can be searched or displayed.

Can I start using the website as soon as I register?
In order to protect the privacy of the pilots and flight attendants registered with Bizjetpilot.com, it is important for us to limit access to the site to qualified aircraft operators. After registration, and acceptance of Terms of Usage, the information that you provide will be transmitted to us for verification of qualification. You will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of your application and verification that the site is available for your use using the login name and password that you have selected. If necessary, you may contact us by phone (818 988-5016 or 888 BJP-9697) to expedite the process.

Are there any specific computer requirements to use the website?
The site is hosted on a Tier 1 server off the backbone of the internet to provide the most reliable, high-speed connections. A high speed microprocesser, good level of RAM and a high speed modem will provide quicker service but the site has been designed to place functionality above form and pages and information should generally be provided in less than 15 seconds. The website has been designed for use with Netscape or Internet Explorer Browsers 4.0 or higher. Generally, the best experience can be had using later browsers such as Netscape 4.7 or I.E. 5.0. Downloads of these browsers are available, free, from NETSCAPE or MICROSOFT, through links on the exit page. Some people have had problems if the security level of their browser is set to High; WE ARE NOT USING COOKIES but browsers set to high security can mistake the "handshaking", used when transferring information, as a Cookie.NETSCAPE or MICROSOFT, through these links.

For further information, please email us at "info@bizjetpilot.com" or click on the following link: e-mail
You may also reach us by phone at 818 988-5016 or 888 BJP-9697