About Bizjetpilot.com
Bizjetpilot.com was conceived as a venue where corporate pilots seeking full time or part time employment could list their qualifications and schedules. Corporate aviation departments are invited to search the database to find pilots that meet their particular requirements. As flight attendants are such an important part of the crew on most larger cabin corporate jets, it was only natural that they, too, be invited to utilize the website when seeking full or part time employment.

Is there a charge to crewmembers to utilize the Bizjetpilot website?
No. Neither pilots nor flight attendants pay anything to be registered with Bizjetpilot. There are also no charges to either the hiring flight department or flight attendant associated with employment. If you are not seeking employment at this time, registration will guarantee that you may use the site, free of charge in the future, even if charges are instituted at a later date. (Simply register now, without listing availability for full time employment, and do not indicate any scheduled availability).

What information must I supply?
The registration form is self-explanatory. You will be asked to provide your name address and phone number. This is for internal purposes only and this information will not be provided to anyone. You will be asked to provide a contact number (preferably a cell phone), and/or a pager number. We hope that you will also provide an e-mail address (this is mandatory for pilots); If you do not have an e-mail address, you can subscribe to one of the free services through a website link. The contact number that you provide and pager number will be provided to operators along with your name and city of residence. If you request "confidentiality", a reference number will be given in lieu of your name and contact number and the only contact available will be via "blind" e-mail; where your e-mail address is not revealed. Requesting confidentiality will probably reduce the ability of operators to contact you.

Who will have access to the website?
Bizjetpilot.com is designed exclusively for the use of corporate aircraft operators. The eligibility of operators wishing to use the website will be verified before their application is accepted. It is our intention to do the best we can to assure that only operators, whose credentials we can verify, will have access to the website. In any eventuality, no personal addresses or home phone numbers will be provided on the website.

What other information do I supply and how do I change it?
You will simply supply information about the type of aircraft in which you are experienced and any formal training that you have. There is an area where you may supply supplemental information about special training or skills such as languages. You will also supply the ICAO (4 letters starting with K for the U.S.) identifiers of airports that you can drive to within 2 hours and will indicate days that you are available to fly on a schedule form. Ideally you should access the site, in the future, using a login name and password that you will create, to make any information or schedule changes required. You may contact Bizjetpilot.com by phone or fax, if you are traveling, and we will endeavor to enter the changes for you. Our toll-free number is 888 BJP-9697 (outside the US use 818 988-5015 and our fax number is 818 988-5017)

What computer equipment is required?
For the pilot inputs, almost any computer will do. In general, the site is optimized for browsing with Netscape 4.0, and IE 4.0 or higher (Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.0 is better). Use of earlier browsers may result in the inability to perform certain functions. Updated browsers can be installed from NETSCAPE or MICROSOFT. Links are provided here.

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For further information, contact us by e-mail, or call 1 888 BJP-9697